SmartDigital – A Strong Team

SmartDigital helps companies take advantage of digital transformation to optimize their assets, thereby ensuring even greater success in their business operations.



 The persistent pioneers that keep the world’s critical assets up and running!


To enable companies to operate successfully (on a global scale), we monitor and document their physical assets digitally…

  • by applying fully automated processes
  • on a highly scalable platform
  • using blockchain-based IoT-transactions
  • in combination with unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations

Our values are:

Respect & appreciation

Respect & appreciation

  • We talk to each other and not about each other.

  • We meet at eye level and communicate respectfully, honestly and regardless of position.

  • We take time to listen to each other, learn from each other and trust in our own strengths and those of our team.

  • We promote diversity.



  • Walk the talk - we courageously and consistently go our own way.

  • We stand by our word and lead by example.

  • We are role models for ourselves and our partners.
    Everyone is unique and should be as he/she is, without pretending.

Curiosity & Openness

Curiosity & Openness

  • We do things - the first time with courage, confidence and mutual support. Through curiosity and openness, we grow together and achieve new perspectives.
  • We allow mistakes, because we learn from them and continue to develop our corporate culture.
Determination & Motivation

Determination & Motivation

  • We work independently and consistently on our vision "to keep the world's critical assets up and running". We achieve this by fully realizing our potential as a team and finding innovative solutions.

  • We allow ourselves to think out of the box and to encourage and challenge each other.

Humour & Enthusiasm

Humour & Enthusiasm

  • We motivate and support each other, welcome everything that makes us human, have fun at work and celebrate our successes.

  • We inspire ourselves and others and know what motivates us.

  • We laugh together.

Our Team

Alexander Schuster

Alexander Schuster

CEO & Founder

Learning something new every day. Thinking something new every day. SmartDigital develops comprehensive, resilient and ready-to-use solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Arno Klamminger

Arno Klamminger


Our innovative solutions are causing a stir, because we support infrastructure operators to embark on the sustainable path of digital transformation.

Andreas Berlinger

Andreas Berlinger

Chief Strategy Officer

Close cooperation with industry partners and investors makes our solutions effective and unique.

Peter Löbl-Brand

Peter Löbl-Brand


A magnetic corporate culture and our solutions for digital transformation make us attractive to both our customers and potential employees.

Matthias Fiegl

Matthias Fiegl


Only those who inspire their customers and teams will grow and be internationally successful - and that's what we do at SmartDigital.

SmartDigital Group

SmartDigital Group Grafik

About SmartDigital – Platform Services & UAS Solutions

Founded in 2017, SmartDigital is an Austrian high-tech company headquartered in Judenau (Lower Austria) serving companies of all sizes and from all industries. We help our customers use digital transformation to both document and provide complete, audit-compliant verification of their data and business processes. To this end, SmartDigital has developed ARCA©, a highly scalable service delivery platform which can process any data drawn from sensors on land, at sea, in the air or from other databases. ARCA© uses a tamper-proof blockchain and artificial intelligence in an automated end-to-end process. This optimizes labor, cost, and time-intensive processes, as well as processes prone to errors.

Our customers benefit from a secure, highly scalable IT-platform solution provided within an as-a-service model. It serves as a one-stop-shop covering everything from demand assessment to reporting and billing, using technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, deep learning, internet of things and blockchain.

Depending on the scenario, SmartDigital also uses unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) services provided by its wholly-owned subsidiary EuroDragons.


Smart Digital Sales and Holding GmbH
Königstetter Straße 128-134, 1. OG   A – 3430 Tulln

+43 2274 93080

Contact for PR and marketing inquiries
Georg Strasser
Head of Marketing

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