ARCA Plattform

Highly scalable IoT - Service Delivery Platform

ARCA© processes data from various sources in a continuous end-to-end process. Through a combination of data collection using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), a fusion with other external data sources and an AI-based platform, it is possible to digitalize the critical infrastructure – from planning, through construction, to inventory, predictive maintenance and condition monitoring of all infrastructure facilities. The platform is embedded in a blockchain, ensuring that detection, selection, analysis, documentation and billing are seamless, transparent and tamper-proof.

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What We Offer

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Digital „End-to-End“ IoT - Service Delivery Platform ARCA©.

Automated, transparent and tamper-proof

ARCA© selects, analyzes and documents data from various sources and embeds them in a transparent, tamper-proof system. It supports the automation of personnel, cost, time-intensive processes and processes prone to error.

ARCA Plattform
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