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Our aviation services

The high-tech company EuroDragons provides UAS flight services (UAS | Unmanned Aircraft System). It advises in regards to the procurement and construction of UAS, their operation, and maintenance, their expansion with flight safety-related systems and flight permits. The EuroDragons team accompanies the UAS pilot recruiting process and their training. It also assists with the development and adaptation of training programs.

Our flight services:

VLOS & BVLOS flight operations

VLOS & BVLOS flight operations

  • Automated flying beyond visual range
  • Data detection and data selection using precision UAS in the "specific" category in BVLOS flight operations (BVLOS: "beyond visual line of sight").


EuroDragons advises companies of all sizes on all aspects of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).



The EuroDragons team supports companies in setting up and training the optimal flight teams.



EuroDragons ensures expert and legally compliant maintenance of UAS.

Camera & Scanner Systems

Camera & Scanner Systems

Tailored to your requirements
the following sensor systems are available
systems are available:

  • RGB camera
  • Laser scanner (LIDAR)
  • Multispectral camera
  • Ultraviolet camera
  • Thermal camera
Images & Videos

Images & Videos

  • Provision of the desired image and video files in a wide range of resolutions and sizes.
  • On request, we will also be happy to analyze them for you using artificial intelligence.

Customer benefits

  • Long- and short-haul flights for a wide range of applications
  • Expert advice on building a customized fleet
  • Support with legal frameworks, including flight permits
  • Comprehensive training on UAS and aircrew
  • Reliable maintenance of the fleet for smooth operation
  • Use of high-quality camera systems for optimal recordings
  • Global operational capability
  • Use of state-of-the-art aircraft and camera technologies
  • Security of data guaranteed by blockchain technology
  • Evaluation of sensor data on an IoT platform with artificial intelligence

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State-of-the-art technology and customizable payload - that's what makes SmartDigital's UAS so special.

Detailed monitoring of extensive areas by means of BVLOS flights or automated routine checks: SmartDigital ensures that everything runs smoothly.

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Our camera and scanner systems

The choice of sensors (camera, scanner) depends on the specific requirements of the customer.

Depending on the application area, we currently use:

Optical RGB camera

RGB camera

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Multispectral camera

Multispectral image

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Optical RGB cameras

RGB imageRGB Image

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Laser scanner

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